In today’s world, the amount of data is immense and one of the largest challenges is acquiring, cleaning, processing, and providing big data in effective, efficient ways for application in a myriad applications. As quantitative methods specialists, we are actively in pursuit of the most modern technologies and datasets available and are adept in mechanisms for filtering that data to meet stringent quality standards. In addition, Weather & Water is well-versed in a wide range of numerical modeling platforms to translate massive data streams into easily ingestible formats for your specific need. And, if we’re not – we will learn! Education is forever!!!


Climate and weather are ever-changing phenomena that impact our daily lives at time scales from seconds to decades and across areas from our living room to entire countries – even the global economy. Weather & Water works across these multiple dimensions to provide the highest quality and timely service to our clients. Historical to real-time to predictive – we provide storm analyses, time series, estimates of Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP), and frequency analysis for application in design and risk-based studies – and much, much more!


Predicting the future is difficult but can be performed with skill at a variety of lead times – from a few hours to multiple days and, even, (with some uncertainty considered) months and years into the future. Weather & Water offers both dynamic and statistical approaches to generate reliable forecast information for short-, medium-, long-, and planning-term assignments for our clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re monitoring and managing a reservoir in near-real-time or planning for a multi-decadal recertification program – we are your go-to experts!


Whether you need professional services to provide a summary of weather conditions for a particular event, extensive peer review of a technical analysis by advanced engineers and scientists, or participation on a board of reviewers for a major project. Weather & Water can provide solid, reliable reports and guidance to your group as an accredited Certified Consulting Meteorologist and Professional Engineer in Water Resources.


Modeling of hydrologic and hydraulic processes range from forecasting inundation for a specific city street to the complex interaction of compound flooding events along the coast – where rivers meet the ocean tide and surge. The complex interactions require even more in-depth numerical models to simulate effectively. Weather & Water can provide ready-to-implement input data solutions for the simplest to most intricate modeling effort. We can even do some H&H modeling of our own!