Aim High using DAART – Be CRAFTEA by Christmas!!!

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In December 2020 – just in time for Christmas, Weather & Water, Inc will launch into the weather and engineering consulting world with a new product/service for our clients. After spending several years in private consulting, federal agencies, and county flood control positions, Dr. Jason Caldwell is re-launching his brand to capture the attention of potential clients, ranging from dam safety interests to real-time modeling of flood events to climate variability and change impacts on water resources.

With excitement, Dr. Jason Caldwell reports, “Our goal is to lead the field in the provision of high quality water resources data sourced from the most respected sources and delivered in formats specific to each user’s needs. At the same time, Weather & Water strives to offer economical solutions that save time – so that you can focus on what really matters – producing top-notch results for your clients!”

The Comprehensive Reanalysis, Analysis, and Forecasting Tool for Engineering Applications (CRAFTEA) architecture is a flexible, automated system that transforms raw data feeds into actionable information with the customization driven by the consumer. It is built on the Data Acquisition, Archival, and Reformatting Tool (DAART) architecture, which serves to populate massive databases with high-quality, metadata-heavy output from machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) borne products ready for dissemination to your skilled professionals.

Check out our new website at! “It’s development continues; but, we have plenty to discover about our wide range of services and products – along with excellent educational tools and key background documents available at your fingertips!”, Jason explains, “We plan to take the world by storm!”

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