A Brief History - Our Story

In 2013, our founder, Dr. Jason Caldwell, had the pleasure of sitting down with several experts from Tennessee Valley Authority over lunch – discussing the grand plans of full quantitative risk analysis for hydrologic hazards analysis efforts forthcoming across the entire river basin. This conversation provided the impetus to consider branching out from State and Federal government into the realm of private consulting – and Weather & Water, Inc. was born in early 2014. Recognizing a need for real-world experience, Dr. Caldwell explored opportunies in water rights modeling and extensive work in precipitation-frequency at small-to-medium-sized firms – finding the missing link to use of complex data in the “language barrier” between engineers and scientists. As a multi-disciplinarian, he sought to overcome this limitation through quantitative methods (i.e., statistics). Hence, today Weather & Water allows the power of cloud computing to perform the work of many frustrated data clerks, while focusing on the ease-of-use and applicability of tools like DAART and CRAFTEA. Because, at the end of the day, as my mom bore into Jason’s skull – “Customer Service = Company Success” – and that is what we live to achieve!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower businesses with the high-quality data, products, and services necessary to exceed the standard in water resources projects for the benefit of every citizen that may be impacted by weather- and climate-related disasters.

Vision Statement

To accomplish our mission we seek to:

  • Build data analytic and business insight capabilities to empower clients with the right information at the right time to drive data-driven decisions

  • Provide ALL employees with the opportunity to practice continual learning in a proper work-life balance environment leading to better informed, engaged, and focused staff

  • Create an exceptional infrastructure that provides authorized access to data and solutions within the organization

  • Offer a robust, scalable toolset that will make users and customers more successful  through faster, reliable, and state-of-the-art solutions

Jason Caldwell




Statement of Qualifications


Weather & Water, Inc. lives by the mantra “Customer Service = Company Success”. We believe in going above and beyond for our clients to ensure that you receive the superior technical quality and ease-of-use in our products to save your company time, effort, and, of course money! Our customers range from farmers seeking forecast information for agricultural decisions to high-resolution H&H modelers for stormwater and dam safety applications to energy companies evaluating solar/wind farm placement and generation potential. Anyone that uses weather information for business-related decisions should stop in for a visit to our site and give us a call to discuss your needs. Here is a brief list of industries we can serve:

  • Engineering Firms (Small Business to Fortune 500)

  • Federal, State, & Local Government Agencies

  • Transportation-Sensitive Companies

  • Agricultural Industry

  • Water Resources, Meteorology, & Climate Organizations

  • Many others!!!


Custom for our customers – that is the difference Weather & Water offers you! We provide a suite of automated data collection, processing, and post-processing tools to generate a wide variety of products and services to meet a wide variety of needs across markets – our niche is in customizing these tools for select industries:

  • H&H Model-Specific Outputs for Calibration, Validation, Verification, and Forecasting Applications

  • Location-Based Forecasts for Individual Watersheds or Entire States/Countries

  • Graphical User Interfaces (Dashboards) for Integrated Management of Real-Time Significant Weather Events & Impacts Assessment

  • Model Coupling for Combining Multiple Tools from the Meteorology, Climatology, Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Coastal Modeling Sectors for Solving Complex Water Resource Problems

  • Turning Science into Tangible Decision-Making Information – from Impacts Analysis to Full-Bore Decision Support Systems


Our services cover a wide range and we encourage you to explore our website for specifics for your industry.  That said, we are proud to offer two unique, state-of-the-art data acquisition, pre-processing, analysis, and post-processing solutions that serve as the basis for our flexible framework for custom client-based products and services:

Comprehensive Reanalysis, Analysis, and Forecasting Tools for Engineering Applications


This set of tools takes output from DAARTT and provides post-processing to craft products for meeting specific user needs, ranging from historical time-series to frequency-based grids to impacts-based alerts – and many, many more services in between.

Data Acquisition and Archival in Real-Time Tool (DAARTT)

This aim of the DAART tool is to collect observational, reanalysis, and forecast data – from meteorological, climatological, and hydrological sources – then apply high-performance quality control filters prior to archival in a relational database for rapid retrieval by modules within the CRAFTEA architecture.

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